Route Overview


Rose Falls
Day Trip or 3 day Base Camp
West Bearskin to Duncan to Rose via the Stairway Portage. Check out the falls and the views overlooking Rose Lake.  More Info And Larger Map Rose falls bearskin lake bwca day trip
Crocodile Lake Fishing Trip
Base Camp
Paddle East Bearskin to Crocodile Lake.  Crocodile is known as an excellent fishing lake, so try your luck and see how many you can catch.  Fishing guide may be available for the first day. More Info And Larger Map Crocodile River Enrty Point 66
Spalding Mine
3 days
East Bearskin to Alder to Canoe to Crystal to Spalding.  Look for the Spalding Mine and day trip to Johnson falls.  More Info And Larger Map Spalding Mine BWCA
Johnson Falls Loop
3-5 Days
East Bearskin to Alder to Canoe to Pine to Little Caribou to Caribou to Deer to Moon and then back to East Bearskin.  Make sure to stop at Johnson Falls along the way.  More Info And Larger Map Johnson Falls Alder Canoe
Gunflint Lake to Hungry Jack Lake
3-5 Days
Gunflint Lake to Little Gunflint to Little North to North to South to Rat to Roes to Duncan to West Bearskin to Hungry Jack. On this trip you can follow the voyageur route over the historic Height of Land Portage.
More Info And Larger Map
Gunflint lake stairway portage rose lake
Morgan Lake to Poplar Lake
3-5 Days
Morgan to Jake to Vista to Horseshoe to Caribou to Lizz to Poplar.  Relax and enjoy a meal at Trail Center when you finish.  This is an easy trip through prime moose viewing areas.
Morgan lake portage lizz caribou horseshoe
East Bearskin Lake to John Lake Loop
4-7 days
East Bearskin to Alder to Canoe to Pine to McFarland to Little John to John to E. Pike to W. Pike to Clearwater to Deer to Moon and back to East Bearskin.  Johnson Falls and towering palisades highlight this trip.More Info And Larger Map Clarwater lake ep 62 w.pike
Bower Trout Lake to Poplar Lake
5-7 Days
Bower Trout to Marshall to Dugout to Skidway to Swan to Vernon to  Brule to South Cone to Middle Cone to North Cone to Cliff to Wanihigan  to Winchell to Gaskin to Horseshoe to Caribou to Lizz to Poplar.  Beautiful lakes and prime moose country.  More Info And Larger Map Lizz Gaskin Winchell brule lake
East Bearskin Lake to the Fowls Loop
5-7+ Days
East Bearskin to Moon to Deer to Clearwater to Mountain to Moose to N. Fowl to S. Fowl to the Royal River to John to Little John to McFarland to Pine to Canoe to Alder to East Bearskin.  The Royal river may be the prettiest spot in the eastern BWCA. More Info And Larger Map Pine Lake Fowl John Border route

Map break on the frost river

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